Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Three weeks since my last posting! We had two weeks of mostly hard work in the Lautoka area and are now in New Zealand for a fast trip to visit Nana and Papa Carr. Eloise has quickly learned how to say Nana and Papa and asks for them many times during the day. She is having a language explosion. She isn't learning any new signs (partially because I don't know any more words to teach her) but also partially because she is so busy copying words and noises to learn them. 'Brrrm brrm' is my favorite one. She has used it for cars, motor noises, and her stroller. "yoyo" (yogurt) is a favorite of Eloise's. She learned it yesterday.

I'm including some of my favorite pictures from the past month.

Leslie, delightfully sweet boy from Ono. His father disappeared a few years ago in his fishing boat en route from the capital city of Suva Brian and I in our Tongan outfits dressed for church on Ono Island.

Brian and I in Fijiian clothes on Sunday on Ono Island

Eloise signing 'baby' romping in her fuzzy pajamas before bedtime.

Eloise and I getting ready to dinghy out to Nomad

Bubu (which means Grandma and is pronounced, "boomboo") Tara who taught me to weave a mat for Eloise. It has her name woven into it! It still smells like the cooking fires in Tara's house.

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